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Ravenhill Asylum
If you’re a thrill-seeker, you can’t allow yourself to miss this chance! Tickle your nerves by visiting a sinister mansion full of weirdos, madmen and blood-thirsty maniacs. Danger waits for you around every corner of the asylum and you need to have guts to stay alive! Don’t abandon poor prisoners of the asylum to the mercy of fate, you’re their last hope!

Ravenhill Asylum | Game Details

Ravenhill Asylum is an extremely atmospheric free-to-play hidden objects game. The developers worked their best to create a horror masterpiece: depressive illustrations, dark colours and grim humour comments contribute to the atmosphere of suspense and anxiety.You’re unlucky enough to find yourself in the company of lunatics and strange personnel, who give various tasks for you to complete. Apart from searching for various objects in rooms of the asylum, you may walk along its premises and exterminate the evil. As you are the only one who can help the intimidated inhabitants of Ravenhill Asylum, they will give you advice, bonuses and various items to make your search easier. Don’t forget about your real-life friends! Share, give and receive to make your progress better via Facebook and Game Center.If you’re brave enough, visit the labyrinths of Ravenhill Asylum and try to find your way out!Download Ravenhill Asylum game for your tablet or mobile device on Google Play and Amazon Appstore right now!
Great news! Now you can play Ravenhill Asylum online on Facebook!

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