New Game ‘Bubble Fluffy’ Released on the App Store


Bubble Fluffy is a new bubble shooter app by Puzzle Dreams that takes you inside the jungle. Unlike studio’s previous titles, this one debuted on mobile (not Facebook) and is playable on both iOS smartphones and tablets.

From the very first seconds you’re going to dive into exotic recreated by juicy art colors, bizarre animal characters, unlockable episodes set in desert, rainforest, river or canyon. And the list of locations goes on!

More than 200 addictive bubble-popping levels form a solid adventure in the jungle, and a balanced enjoyable experience of a roller coaster type. As you pop through clusters of fruit bubbles to feed the lost animal squad, you’ll have ups and downs, backbreaking and lazy levels to beat and you definitely won’t want to put the game aside.

Your journey’s ultimate purpose is to guide the animals through the jungle to the legendary tree to make a wish upon. You’ll play alongside 9 critters: red panda, meerkat, tamarin, loris, anteater, dwarf leopard, cuscus and the more ordinary hamster and beaver.
These animal helpers unlock one after another and you can select them on your own.

Download Bubble Fluffy free from the App Store!

Posted by Renatus on May 11, 2016