Key Takeaways About DevGAMM Moscow 2017


For someone May means first hot days and rains, but for game developers in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus it means DevGAMM conference.  

This May 18-19, Renatus team joined the crowd of 1,800 gaming personalities in Moscow city’s Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel for 2 days of DevGAMM.

There were over 80 sessions presented by experts from many world countries and covering all aspects of game making (from game design to HR management). The makers of such game hits as Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, Hitman and lots of other popular titles went onstage to share their experience.  

DevGAMM event has always been known for friendly atmosphere and traditional activities that bring business benefits, networking and fun at the same time. Moreover, the team behind conference has always miraculously managed to add some new feature to surprise the attendees. This time they categorized content at DevGAMM Showcase and Speed Game Dating introducing games by platforms, and turned DevGAMM Awards into a spectacular musical. 

Game Lynch was probably the most predictable part. Everyone who has seen it at least once would predict this would be a crazy show. And it was! This time the degree of insanity was same high for experts and developers being on the defensive. You can check it yourself by watching it on the official Youtube channel

Networking was a quality one, both during days and nights. Renatus team had its own big branded booth with a comfy sofa area, which was perfect for meeting with partners, and a mini-reception offering useful information and nice souvenirs to passer-bys. After sunset the whole conference moved to the networking parties sponsored by TabTale, tinyBuild, Mail.Ru Group and Unreal Engine. 

Over 300 attendees participated in Quest and were rewarded with latest gadgets from sponsors. It’s worth mentioning a totally new, uncommon iOS One-to-One Game Review format of meetings with experts which has received only positive feedback so far. 

Next DevGAMM event will be held on November 16-17 in Minsk, Belarus. Also Seattle will host another event, DevGAMM Summit, this July to introduce a full day of sessions about PC and console game development. 

If you develop games, DevGAMM is a must-visit conference. You can find all the information on the official website. Register and attend!
Posted by Renatus on June 12, 2017