Ice Cream Splash - New Match 3 Treat for Facebook Gamers

Ice Cream Splash - New Match 3

The game publishing company Renatus just came up with a new appetizing release. Winter chill (which is gone by now) inspired the team to make a puzzle game about a frozen dessert adored by all kids. Ice cream-m-m!

The new Match 3 app is about a great, breath-taking adventure full of sweet dangers to play through: player will ride on a truck across distant lands with amazing landscapes and connect delicious ice creams in lines. 

Trace-a-line mechanics, adored by modern casual gamers, is flavored here with extra challenges: you’ll need to clear jellies, bring down milk packages and collect only certain types of refreshing treats on a game board filled with colorful ice creams. 

The makers of Ice Cream Splash didn’t want their audience to feel lonely, so the game will offer you an option of inviting your friends and provide you with a funny kid character in every land that you enter.

Start your ice-cream journey right now!

Posted by Renatus on March 26, 2015