Cream Land: A New Dessert-Matching Game by Renatus Has Arrived to Facebook


Dreams have the taste of vanilla! Renatus Media knows its for sure. 

The company presented its new Facebook title - Cream Land - set in a little girl’s dreaming. Designed to suit tastes of every girl or woman, the game universe is built of cotton candy clouds and puffy cream-topped biscuits floating in the air. Sounds tasty?

This tile-matching game invites players to bust sweet blocks of the same color, flying from one island to another. A cute girl, whose vivid imagination created this dream, will give you a ride on her air balloon (a flying cupcake, actually). 

Cream Land is a fun cluster breaker that, nonetheless, won’t be all cakes and ale. Clicking colorful bunches of delicious tiles away will be your main task, but not the only one. Get ready to challenge your skills cutting through frosty and fixed blocks, or releasing the candles and cherries locked inside creamy blocks.

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Posted by Renatus on June 26, 2015