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Bubble Waves
You are a keen shooter and a nature-lover at heart, all in one?
Then it’s a perfect game for you!
Improve your shooting skills in beautiful locations without killing anyone.
No living thing will be harmed, only nasty bubbles…

Bubble Waves | Game Details

An entertaining bubble shooter game that has multiple levels and wonderful sceneries for you to enjoy.
Travel from island to island with your new friend Panda and help it to hit bubbles.
While matching them into groups of 3 or more, listen to marvellous game sounds – each level is truly a musical masterpiece! You have the chance to see a coloured shower of bubbles ricocheting off pretty flying bugs: the more ricochets, the more points you score.

Bubble Waves is a game that grabs your attention and leaves no possibility to give up.

 Bubble Waves is available for FREE on Facebook!