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Bubble Cheese Hero
Join the Super team of brave animals to kick out the aliens!
All you need is … Cheese!
Shooting bubbles with a lovely Super Cat and loyal hamsters, you’ll have to clear the house from space intruders.

Bubble Cheese Hero | More details

Bubble Cheese Hero is the most colorful bubble shooting adventure you’ve ever had.
Ugly alien invaders land in a small country house with an intent to conquer the Earth.
But there’s a Hero to beat them! Get cheese, shoot bubbles and help Super Cat to send off the invaders back into space.

More cheese features:
✿ 140 levels + extra levels in each room to unlock 
✿ thrilling bubble combats with aliens
✿ totally cute visuals and hilarious animations
✿ amazing animals: space cows, hamster bullies, super cat
✿ Wheel of Fortune spins with cool prizes

Remember that you can always exchange bubbles with a hamster buddy. 

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