May 17

Flashforward: App Annie Predicts Future for the Global App Market In 2016-2021

The leading mobile app data company App Annie released its five-year forecast for the app store markets based on their own methods of analysis, where the main criterium was market’s maturity.According to App Annie in 2021 the consumer spend on apps will reach a striking $139 billion in revenue (exclusive of advertising revenue), which is natural considering that now people are spending twice more time within apps than only few years ago. ...
Posted by Renatus on May 17, 2017
Mar 30

Designing A Killer Icon For Your App

App icon is a powerful tool and your main task - as a designer - is to make it work on you, not against. You just need to craft a tiny image that would look unlike any other icon, convey the essence of your app and look attractive.Sounds quite challenging, huh? ...
Posted by Renatus on March 30, 2017
Mar 10

Soft Launched Game Review - Safari Smash

The game was reviewed by Iegor Pariev - a Product Owner at Renatus game publishing company. He keeps track of mobile and social gaming trends, builds the vision of future titles and is responsible for the final product. ...
Posted by Renatus on March 10, 2017
Feb 28

Round-Up: Top Brand’s Games In Soft Launch

In the industry of games, soft launch is a release of your game to restricted localities ahead of the full launch. A sort of full-dress rehearsal before the opening night, that allows you to drive-test your new title: obtain major metrics, get feedback and do tweaks before releasing it to your target localities. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 28, 2017
Feb 14

Gacha: Types of Japanese monetization mechanic

The name ‘gacha’ must be familiar to you from our recent post, where it was claimed as one of the 2017’ mobile gaming trends. Still little known in rest of the world, ‘gacha’ has been an essential part of f2p mobile games in Japan since 2011, and gained fame of a money-making machine that hunts ‘whale’ players better than anything else. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 14, 2017
Jan 31


Every last man shared his thoughts on what made the biggest buzz in 2016’ mobile gaming industry. The short summary of the past year as gaming experts saw it would fit in a nine-word mantra: Pokémon GO, Nintendo, Niantic, Clash Royale, PvP, VR & AR. ...
Posted by Renatus on January 31, 2017
Jan 10

Retention And Churn Rate: The Measure Of Entertainment

How can one measure entertainment of mobile app? Especially, when he is a developer who is blindly in love with his creation. At this point, the analytics steps in with its crucial metric showing how engaged your users are with an app -- the ‘retention rate’. From this value you’ll know the number of users who return to the app and remain active over a longer period. For those who deleted or simply stopped using an app there’s another metric called ‘churn rate’. Both are defined by a certain time frame (30 days, 60 days, etc.). ...
Posted by Renatus on January 10, 2017