Feb 19

Mobile Marketing Tips: How To Market Your Android App

The slogan behind Android conveys the idea that can be successfully applied to shaping an app’s marketing strategy. Be together, not the same - reach out to your potential customers on a global scale, but at an individual level. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 19, 2018
Dec 13

New App Store’s Daily Featuring: For Gain or In Vain?

Apple’s App Store has long been criticized for its non-perfect search algorithms that made it hard for developers to improve their app’s visibility. Over the past few years Apple team made their search engine “smarter”, and the arrival of iOS 11 marked another victory in the battle against troubled discovery of apps and lack of organic traffic. ...
Posted by Renatus on December 13, 2017
Nov 08

Paid Installs or Organic Installs: What Is Best For Your Game?

In the world where mobile app charts are dominated by a few big brands “stealing” a whopping 86% of all downloads made in stores, user acquisition has become a single available path that can lead small free-to-play game developers up and beyond a few thousand installs. ...
Posted by Renatus on November 08, 2017
Oct 13

The Five Do’s Of Mobile In-Game Marketing

Mobile games industry is a battlefield in all ways. With the first battle won - a battle for user’s attention and downloads - comes the understanding there’s a whole war yet to come. To win this war and monetize players, marketing teams need to choose the right tactics, keeping in mind a totality of different factors: player types, player spend patterns, gameplay, etc. ...
Posted by Renatus on October 13, 2017
Sep 25

A Guide To Measuring Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The latest data on Facebook’s earnings speak for itself: mobile advertising accounts for a lion’s share of the social network revenue (87% to be precise), totaling $8.1 billion in Q2 2017. No wonder, Facebook’s been the gold mine for advertisers and is now a #1 media source in mobile advertising around the world, according to AppsFlyer Performance Index. ...
Posted by Renatus on September 25, 2017
Aug 28

End of Flash Era: A Death For Your Flash Game or Reincarnation?

The media have made a fuss around the Adobe’s recent announcement of their final decision to stop updating and distributing Flash Player by the end of 2020. The company encouraged all content creators to migrate from Flash to open web standards, as this is the only way to keep pace with current trends of web browsers that are capable to fully replace plugins. ...
Posted by Renatus on August 28, 2017
Jul 18

Let's move on!

Dear players,We want to thank you all for playing our games!We are really sad to inform that some of our games are no longer available to play  ...
Posted by Renatus on July 18, 2017
Jul 14

‘Happy Apps’: What Are They and Why They Sell Better

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think of signs of a good app for placing your ads? Our guess would be: raging popularity, huge audience, high stickiness and engagement. It’s natural. Because maximum exposure is what advertisers want for their brand. ...
Posted by Renatus on July 14, 2017