Learn about the Best and the Worst of Gamescom 2014


Speechless and impressed, Renatus heads back home from the world’s largest gaming convention Gamescom 2014.  In 5 days Cologne swallowed 335,000 people coming from 88 countries,  letting some of them off with super impressions and others with resentfulness.

No wonder that an event so large-scale occasionally gets bad feedback: there are too  many attendees for it to be liked by everyone. The biggest disappointment of 2014 was probably the EA that deprived their fans of even the briefest sneak peak at Mass Effect 4. Luckily, such failures were more than made up for by surprises, like the unforeseen trailer of the horror game “Silent Hills” currently developed by Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro.

According to the official stats, this year’s gaming expo attracted less bystanders and more exhibitors (700 companies vs. 635 in 2013) than the foregoing Gamescom, which is great. Industry experts love to draw parallels between it and E3, forgetting that the US expo is professionals-only event attended by less than fifty thousand attendees, while Cologne’s convention is open to everyone who loves and/or makes games and it outnumbers all other game events.  
Renatus and DevGAMM teams first visited Gamescom and fell in love with it, remaining blind to its long lines and ever present chaos.  The largest gaming trade fair was very productive for both: Renatus had a lot of meetings with developers, and guys from DevGAMM talked some valuable speakers into coming to DevGAMM Minsk 2014 and grabbed some tips on getting a big gaming event well organized. It was like getting into the Disneyland for gamers. 

Reminder! The most productive event in the game industry of Eastern Europe, DevGAMM Minsk 2014, will take place in the capital of Belarus on October 17-18.  It’s said to feature lots of surprises, with top-notch content and world’s recognized speakers being a must.  

Getting back to Germany… A 140-square-metered exhibition area at Koelnmesse was (traditionally) crammed with game fans for all 5 days. There were huge human traffic jams next to Assasin’s Creed: Unity, or Tom Clancy’s The Division, or Bloodborne or any other hands-on playable demos of smash hits to be released soon.  Though, as officially reported, the average waiting time in lines to game booths grew less, making Gamescom pretty much more comfortable to stay at this time. 

By the way, the most eye-catching and giant booth was Indie MegaBooth. It was the first time that indie game developers got such a prominent spot and visibility at Gamescom right next to the gamebiz monsters. 34 independent game-makers showcased their games to a wide audience of players and industry professionals: Speed Runners by Double Ditch, Dragon Fin Soup from Grimm Bros and Wayward Souls developed by Rocketcat are just a few names.  

One might say indie titles were pretty much in the spotlight at Gamescom 2014. Gamedev experts turned out to be right saying that “triple a” is getting mixed with indie: world’s leading companies like Sony and Microsoft have announced a whole bunch of promising indie titles coming soon to their consoles. The surreal simulation The Tomorrow Children and best-selling zombie horror/action DayZ will be available on PlayStation in the nearest future, while Xbox One games list is expanding with Ori and the Blind Forest, Below, Dungeons of the Endless and Goat Simulator (visit DevGAMM Minsk 2014 to get exclusive information about the goat game straight from the makers http://devgamm.com/minsk2014/). 

And, finally, Gamescom Awards. Evolve took the Best of Gamescom title at this year’s ceremony picking up 5 awards out of 13. This multiplayer online shooter by Turtle Rock Studios had already won 4 awards just a few months earlier at E3. Unfortunately, we all have to wait until February 2015 for Evolve to get released for PC, Xbox One and PS4.
Which is more painful is that Renatus will have to wait much longer for Gamescom 2015 to start. 
But we definitely will! Hope to meet all of you there!  

Posted by Renatus on August 22, 2014