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Amusement Park Tour
Mix colorful tokens in a theme park! Solve match-3 puzzles with a boy and his dog to catch the most wanted thief in the land!

Amusement Park Tour | Game Description

Experience the real adventure for all ages!

✪ 300+ immersive levels with rides, popcorn, toys, candy and all the things you love about amusement parks!
✪ a cast of characters full of charisma: the good, the bad and the dog
✪ exciting boss levels where you’ll oppose the bad hero
✪ dazzling show on every level: juicy visuals, fully animated game board that never sleeps!   
✪ best theme park settings to explore: aliens, fairy-tales, pirates, cowboys and real-life celebrities
✪ powerful boosters, daily bonuses, gifts from friends and super deals!

Available on Apple App Store and Facebook