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Happy Anniversary, Renatus! Celebrating 3 Amazing Years in Gaming Business

Love lasts three years - is it the same for the love for games? Don’t think so.This week the social games publisher will have a week-long celebration of its existence in the highly competitive market. Let’s take a moment to remember Renatus’ most prominent days and achievements.

Cream Land: A New Dessert-Matching Game by Renatus Has Arrived to Facebook

Dreams have the taste of vanilla! Renatus Media knows its for sure. 

DevGAMM Moscow 2015 That Won Our Hearts

How does it feel to be the organizing company of the biggest game developer conference in CIS region?

Meet Renatus

Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at DevGAMM 2015, 2015-09-10
DevGAMM 2015
Hamburg, Germany
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