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How Emotions Create Games or Toy Story

There is a whole lot of factors that could influence publisher’s decision to support a certain game developer. But when the game involves a cute puppy and a touching story it is definitely tough to pass by.

How to win free traffic for your Match 3 game with Renatus!

For the moment, Match 3 games are attaining a peak of popularity, so, to be abreast with gaming industry trends Renatus launched a special offer for Match 3 game developers.

Top Money Making Games on Facebook, iOS and Android in August 2014. Infographics.

Gaming industry trends are something half-built by mainstream corporations and half-formed by the public likings. As a laborious pupil, Renatus tracks and learns what is trendy today from the market data available on the web.

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Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at DevGAMM Minsk 2014, 2014-10-17
DevGAMM Minsk 2014
Minsk, Belarus
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Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at Casual Connect, 2014-11-10
Casual Connect
Belgrad, Serbia
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