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Soft Launched Game Review - Safari Smash

The game was reviewed by Iegor Pariev - a Product Owner at Renatus game publishing company. He keeps track of mobile and social gaming trends, builds the vision of future titles and is responsible for the final product.

Блог: обзор и анализ Safari Smash

Product owner игровой издательской компании Renatus Егор Париев написал для DTF статью, в которой разобрал новую мобильную игру компании Jam City, — Safari Smash, 

Round-Up: Top Brand’s Games In Soft Launch

In the industry of games, soft launch is a release of your game to restricted localities ahead of the full launch. A sort of full-dress rehearsal before the opening night, that allows you to drive-test your new title: obtain major metrics, get feedback and do tweaks before releasing it to your target localities.

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Meeting with Renatus Media, LLC - games publishing company at DevGAMM Moscow 2017, 2017-05-18
DevGAMM Moscow 2017
Moscow, Russia
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