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Flashforward: App Annie Predicts Future for the Global App Market In 2016-2021

The leading mobile app data company App Annie released its five-year forecast for the app store markets based on their own methods of analysis, where the main criterium was market’s maturity.According to App Annie in 2021 the consumer spend on apps will reach a striking $139 billion in revenue (exclusive of advertising revenue), which is natural considering that now people are spending twice more time within apps than only few years ago.

Games Inspired By Real Life: Success And Failure Stories

Game designers are puppeteers creating a game show from behind-the-scenes, but what if they got to the stage front? Would they steal or ruin the show?

Player Types As Way to Improve Your User Acquisition Strategy

Age, gender, marital status, occupation… which other data you can use to fine-tune your user acquisition campaigns? According to the latest trends it’s: Player Types.

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